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Practice Areas

David A. Scalzi is an attorney with 34 years of experience in the courtroom and brings the law to a human level, treating all clients with the care and concern of a family member.

Bankruptcy Law

Experienced and affordable Bankruptcy Attorney in the Stamford, Connecticut area. I also see clients from Greenwich, Norwalk, Fairfield and Bridgeport.

Divorce and Family

I am affordable and have been handling family cases in Stamford, Connecticut for 34 years. I also see clients in the Norwalk, Greenwich, Fairfeild and Bridgeport area.

Personal Injury

We have a powerful and experienced team to handle your personal injury in in Stamford Connecticut and also in Greenwich, Norwalk, Fairfield and Bridgeport.

Forclosure Law

I have an expert foreclosure team and provide affordable and high level defenses against banks who are attempting to take away your cherished home.

Wills and Probate

I compose affordable and state of the art Wills and handle the transfer of property through the Conneceticut Probate Courts.

Criminal Law

I have thirty-four years experience in the Criminal Courts of Connecticut. I will never let the State Prosecutors convince me to take your case lightly. I pursue justice and fair play.

David A. Scalzi • Competent, Compassionate, and Affordable