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Having your home go into foreclosure can be a devistationg feeling. People do not realize it, but it is the borrower that actually gives a mortgage to the bank. You promise to pay the bank money that you borrowed and sign a "Promissory Note". If you do not keep that promise to pay the bank, then it can use the mortgage you have given them to try to sell your home to get back the money they loaned to you. The problem is that you must be certian that the company that is suing you to take your house in foreclosure is actually legitamate. The large majority of people simply assume that the company suing them has a right to take your thier home.

David A. Scalzi never assumes anything about the company that is suing you. I work with forclosure experts who interrigate the "bank" to ensure that they have a right to forclose. The large majority of morgages are sold to other companies or gathered together and transformed into Wall Street investments. One sim[ly cannot assume that the company named in the suit against you is the proper entity entitled to take your home. I have given hope to so many clients; When I go to Court, often the company suing you will offer you an affordable restructure rather than taking your home due to the seriousness with which I conduct my investigation.

How Can We Help ?

People who face foreclosure are usually financially compromised. The "banks" rely on the fact that to hire a competant lawyer would not be affordable. Often times people will hire lawyers that have a very elementary knowledge of foreclosure law and are not effective. I am both affordable and have extensive knowledge and experience in foreclosure defense. I will give you a free consultation that will be as interesting as it is imformative. You will gain crucial knowledge during our first meeting and gain confidence that there is great hope to save your home and make it a place of safety and security once more.

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