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Divorce and Family

It is so important when faced with divorce to make sure that you can find some common ground with your spouse. Often times there is emotional devistation and a sense of betrayal. It is my job to be the calm advisor and to caution against quick emotional decisions that will affect the rest of your life. I am very affordable and make every effort to keep costs down as long as it does not affect the steps necessary to acheive an excellent resolution.

How Can We Help ?

When you arrive in my offfice, I will do a financial assessment of both you and your spouse. Each and every divorce case is unique unto itself. Not one divorce case is the same as another. Some have the needs of children intertwined with the breakup of the marriage and others just concern the Husband and Wife. I describe the factors that the Court utilizes to come up with a fair settlement such as the length of the marriage, the causes for the divorce, the age, health, station, occupation, amount and sources of income, earning capacity, vocational skills, education, employability, estate, liabilities and needs of each of the parties and the opportunity of each for future acquisition of capital assets and income. I stress that it Often more prudent to structure your offer so that the other spouse also has hope in their future, which will come back as a benefit, especially in child support and alimony situations. The goal is to for your future to be bright, not to take actions which will contribute to the partial destruction of all involved. I will not hessitate to be tough on the other spouse if it is the interest of fairness.

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