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Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a Federal Program based on a law ordained by the people of the United States to assist in the dischare of debt or the reorganization of debt.

People have come to David A. Scalzi for relief from crushng debt, which prevents them from gaining any foothold in their lives. Some may just have debts from credit cards and others my have fallen behind on their home payments. The Federal Bankruptcy law, under Title 11 of the United States Code of Laws covers many situations and has provisions talyored to solve financial problems.

How Can We Help ?

I can help you have your debt completely be taken away without any forgiveness of debt tax conequences. There are some limitations, such as those with very high incomes or having unusually high valued property, however, the law is taylored to fit the average American who is in debt. There are special provisions to allow Husbands and Wives to file at the same time with the government for debt relief. There are provisions in the law that allow you to keep most all of your property, such as cars and furniture. In my 34 years of experience, the average financially troubled individual is able to successfully dispose of their debt, with some common sense exceptions. For those people who are behind on the house payments, there is a Chapter of the Bankruptcy Code that allows repayment of back mortgage arrearage over a number of years to prevent Foreclosure.

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