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  • 921 Stillwater Road, Stamford, CT
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David A. Scalzi

Lawyer & Founder

David A. Scalzi is a 1985 Law School Graduate, having secured scholarship entrance status. He went on to work for various law firms proir to opening his own practice in 1990. His montra is to treat each and every client as if they were a member of his family. The joy he gains from the practice of law comes from knowing that each client received honest advice that will result in improving their lives or restoring their lives to peace and prosperity.

David A. Scalzi has been practicing law for 34 years and prides himself in his ability to integrate different areas of law into each legal problem. In divorce law, it is improtant to know the implications of other legal situations, such as bankruptcy, inheritance, criminal, personal injury and foreclosure. He is extremely affordable and strives to keep expenses down so that the beneficiary of the legal process is indeed the client. Too many times clients blindly follow the directions of legal advisors who have their own financial interests foremost in thier mind. The journey through the legal process can do great harm to peoples' furture if not taken with great care and concern by the advocate. David A. Scalzi strives to educate his clients about the law and point out the guiding pricipal of reasonalblness that is a common thread in all legal endeavors.

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About Our History

David A. Scalzi is an eaperienced attorney who brings a caring family atmosphere into his practice.

David A. Scalzi has been in private practice for Thiry-four years. He caters to clients who want to be counseled by an intelligent, yet compassionate attorney. He always has affordablity in mind. He is a lawer in Stamford, Connecticut. He also takes clients in the surrounding areas of Greenwich, Connecticut, Norwalk, Conecticut, Fairfield Connecticut, Bridgeport Connecticut and New Haven Connecticut. His practice includes Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Foreclosure, Divorce and Family Law, Criminal Law, Wills and Probate and Eviciton Problems. His years of experience allow him to present the opposition with a formadable opponent often leading to excellent settlements. He practices in both the Court of the State of Connecticut and Federal Court. His Personal Injury practice involves a legal team that presents a strong and experienced presence to Judges and Insurarce Companies.


Member of the Bar of the State of Connecticut and the New York and Connecticut Federal Courts

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David A. Scalzi offers legal help in the areas of Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Foreclosure, Divorce and Family Law, Wills and Probate, Criminal Law and Eviction Law

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Clients may call upon David A. Scalzi 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. until 11:30 p.m.

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